less is more = anti-glycolitic training

There is good and bad stress. When the body experiences what is called bad stress, it speeds up the aging process. Good stress creates adaptations in the body that slow down the aging process. Antiglycolitc training (agt) is good stress. It increases both muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness by increasing the amount of mitochondria in the cells.The increase of mitochondria results in a slowing down of the aging process by boosting the metabolic rate. The higher the metabolic rate, the younger the biological age.

The beauty of agt is that 'less is more'. agt enables the indivdual to train more frequently and with less risk of injury. The focus is on perfect form and maximum power. When either one of those is not present that is the time to stop.

The stress produced by agt leads to an increase in performance and a slowing of the aging process. A win-win-scenario!

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