bad stress = faster aging
good stress = slower aging

Whether one´s goal is performance related or health and wellbeing, I have worked with clients from both ends of the spectrum. The principles are the same. Everyone needs healthy and stable joint structures, supple muscles/ligaments/tendons, an efficient cardiovascular system, muscular strength and endurance. Once the skills have been learned then workouts are used to achieve both health and performance. Joint mobility and flexibility are a crucial part of the puzzle. Cardiovascular health/performance and muscular strength/endurance are achieved through antiglycolitic training.

Newsflash! Good health isn´t only for the young or the athletic. Being fit, active and healthy is accessible to all who are prepared to make the necessary investment in time, discipline and knowledge. A car in good working condition requires servicing, replacement consumables and fuel in order to successfully serve its function. Cars which are neglected tend to run less reliably, leading to breakdowns more frequently. Cars are far easier to maintain than human bodies. As your personal trainer, it will be my job to help you improve your overall health, fitness and the functionality of your body to slow down the body´s aging process and improve its performance. By applying the same principles as professional athletes, those of more mature age can live life in terms of activities that they did in their 20s and 30s.

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