bothmer = holistic movement

Bothmer movement means being able to move in an anatomically correct, relaxed, natural and fluid state. Using as little energy as possible, yet accomplishing the goal. Through the 30 Bothmer exercises one can achieve this anatomically balanced natural state, much like a child. The difference is that with an adult we are consciously aware of our bodies, whereas a child is not.

Bothmer movement realigns the body much like rebooting a computer when the software is going wrong. It also enables one to move from a different conceptual perspective which is more efficient and more effective. By finely tuning the body in such a manner, we enable it to reduce injury and slow down the aging process by wearing out less. Hence, its therapeutic quality. Part of what it achieves is counteracting some of the bad habits we have developed in modern society, e.g. sitting in front of a computer for hours, bad posture due to slouching, and not being physically active enough to maintain a balance of health and wellbeing.

I use the Bothmer® Gymnastic training tools to get your mind and body back into balance in terms of emotional and anatomical movement. The different exercises will increase your body awareness and your posture, resulting in overall well-being. At any age Bothmer® Gymnastics exercises can help to restore this balance.

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