how many one-legged movement coaches do you know?

The fact that there is probably none already tells you a lot about me.

Before losing my leg in a motorcycle accident, I was a reasonably competent athlete. Movement was my life and I stubbornly refused to give that up. Knowing where not only my passion but also my talent lies, I was always eager to help others with movement related health and body issues.

In order to be the best coach I could be I felt relying on a fitness trainers class was not nearly enough. I looked into various movement disciplines and, if I found they were valuable, got the appropriate training.

Never did I let aspects such as disability or being somewhat advanced in age get in the way. I have tried and tested both unknown and fashionable approaches. Right now I am working to accquire a qualification that really requires 2 legs to get. When it is about training and movement, I can be really stubborn.

If I can do it, so can you. It will be my pleasure to be part of your journey and help you to move and feel like the much younger person you were just a few years ago.

my journey...for your benefit

Due to my natural aptitude, I was guided towards a variety of sporting activities from primary school right through to university. This resulted in me representing various establishments in a variety of sports such as athletics, judo, olympic lifting and rugby

I also found out I had a talent for helping others improve their sports and fitness performance, and what began as a hobby became a vocation. Just as I was about to begin a very promising fitness-related business project fate decided to take me down a different road. At nearly 30 years of age, I lost my leg in a motorcycle accident.

During the next part of my journey, I learned that functionality and performance were still viable options despite the new challenges I now faced. However, in order to experience this I needed to educate myself from the acknowledged masters of various movement disciplines that I felt were necessary. This knowledge enables my clients to reach levels of functionality and performance that they have rarely (if ever) achieved and in a much shorter time frame.

My qualifications include:

  • level 3 PT
  • FMS 1 and 2 (Functional Movement Screening)
  • minimalist running course (Lee Saxby)
  • certified Bothmer teacher (4 year diploma)

qualifications ongoing include:

  • SFG 1 (Pavel Tsatsoulin)
  • Bothmer therapy course (2 years – postgrad)

SAYESS Passion for fitness