joint mobility = pain free movement

I think we can all agree that if something isn´t used sufficiently, it tends to deteriorate to where it´s "not fit for purpose". Joint mobility is a crucial element of any health and fitness program.

To use an analogy we could say your joints are like the hinges of a door. If the door has been sufficiently inactive it will result in possible rusting and reduction in the door´s ability to fully open and close. To rectify this unfortunate state of affairs, we need to do two things: Firstly, apply oil to the hinges. Secondly, gently move the door backwards and forwards. Over time with discipline and patience, the hinge will hopefully come back to its full range of motion, enabling the door to both close properly and open to its fullest extent.

How does this translate into the joints of our body? We start by mobilising the joints routinely within the range that is comfortable. This does two things: It improves the range of motion of joint mobility. Secondly, by warming up the joint in this manner, it increases the synovial fluid (synovial fluid is the oil that reduces the friction in the joint). This is a win-win scenario. By caring for our joints in this way, we establish a crucial element of the foundation of our health.

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